There was a time when an iPhone was a luxury. Not everyone could afford it. However, this trend has undoubtedly witnessed a change now. More and more people we meet now are the proud owners of a number of Apple products. This does not imply that the prices have gone downhill. On the contrary, they have only increased. Well, then what can be the reason behind this change in the market? The answer is straightforward in that Apple has the most reliable products which last long. Fix your iPhone really simply

Common problems of the iPhone and the way to fix them.

  1. Your phone just switched off: It is very common that the iPhone just switches off even when it already has charge. There have been instances when even hours of charging have failed to restart it. But, you do not need to worry at all. In case you have any iPhone other than iPhone X, you just need to press the lock button provided and the home button together till the Apple logo comes on. In case of iPhone X, you need to press the volume up button first, then the volume down button and then the lock button till the logo comes on. Remember, that it needs to be done quickly but long press the home button.
  2. The iPhone does not charge: First of all, you must force your iPhone to restart. The method to do this is just the point above this that you must have read. After that, you need to try other cords. That will help you to ascertain whether the problem is in the phone of your USB cord. In fact, it could also be an electrical issue so use another plug point at your place. In case the cable works, you then know the problem. In case it still does not work, you must try to restore iTunes and the software. Then you must take a backup on iCloud and contact Apple.
  3. The Airdrop does not work: You must know that there are three modes. Namely, off, contacts only and everyone. That is where you need to be sure of the one you select. In fact, there is also an option of just


Should you invest in Apple products?

Everyone knows about Appleā€™s turnover. Thus, it is evident that there is a reason as to why people flock to buy it. It is nothing less than a way of life. The easy use and reliable systems are also considered to be status symbols across the globe. You must invest in it if it suits you.


This is nothing else than your guide on how to solve some of the common iPhone problems. The most effective way to ensure that you use it well is to bookmark this page and then get back when you face any issue. They will help you fix the problem without the help of an expert.

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